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website design centurion pretoriaDo you want to reach hundreds of potential customers in the least time possible without being flagged for spam? With our technology  we can send your mails to your distribution list in a quick, legal and efficient way. We will also handle the management of your distribution lists, take care of adding, deleting and updating addresses, without getting you blacklisted because of spam policies. With the campaign report we send you, you will be able to track your mail, click-throughs, open rate and much more. Remember that ScanNerds also provides Domain Registrations & Website Hosting Pretoria East and Centurion Areas!


Acceptable Use Policy

As an email service provider, we feel it’s our responsibility to be extra vigilant about preventing spam-related abuse. It’s also in our best interest to keep the system clean, because our reputation and deliverability depend on it. That’s why we will only use our software to send Emails to people and entities that either:

Gave you written (including electronic) permission to send Emails to them, have not withdrawn that permission, and: gave you that permission in the past 12 months; or didn’t object to promotional content you sent them in the past 12 months.
Gave you their name and email address in connection with a purchase, or negotiations to purchase, a product or service from you, have not opted out from receiving your emails, and either: purchased something from you or negotiated a purchase from you in the past 12 months; or didn’t object to promotional content you sent them in the past 12 months.

If we send Emails to your list and get an unusual amount of SPAM complaints, we will decline future requests by you. So if you don’t have proof that every recipient on your list opted-in to receive your emails, or otherwise meets the requirements listed above, then please don’t put them on your list.


Benefits of our Email Marketing Services

  • Email marketing campaign is cost effective: The biggest advantage of email marketing campaign is that it is cost effective, unlike expensive pay-per-click and other paid investigation results, email marketing is affordable.
  • Email drives instant traffic: Offering quick messaging – instant traffic is another important benefit of email marketing. You can thousands of customers in minutes.
  • Develop your customer base: Bulk mails are a proven way to build a strong customer base. Direct mail can develop new leads and encourage repeat business from current customers.

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